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Current Research Projects

​Current Res​ea​rch ​

Research Topics​​

Lead Researcher​

Brunei Darussalam Energy Consumption Survey (BDECS) for Household​.
Majid Sapar

​Electricity Tariff Review and Survey Project.

Majid Sapar
​Review of Minimum Energy Performance Standard (MEPS) and Energy Labeling for Refrigerator.Majid Sapar​
​Review of Energy Audit Policy, Standard and Methodology.​Majid Sapar

ERIA Research Project :  Development of Eco Town Model in ASEAN Region through Adoption of Energy Efficient Building Technologies, Smart Grid and Transportation .

Majid Sapar​​​​​
​Voluntary Renewable Energy Certificate Policy.​Dr. Romeo
Technical Studies on Energy Storage Particularly On The Commercialization of 1.2 MW TSB Solar Power Plant.​​​​Dr. Romeo​
Road Transport Fuel Demand Analysis and Forecasting.
Dr. Romeo
​RAPG Workstream : Hydropower Mapping Analysis and Wind and Solar Analysis.​Dr. Romeo​
ASEAN-RESP : Levelised Cost Of Electricity Of Atleast 2 Renewable Technology In The ASEAN Member States.​Dr. Romeo
Financing Solar PV Projects : Energy Production Risk Reduction and Debt Capacity Improvement.​Dr. Romeo
Consulting Service For ​The Preparation Of Tranche 3 Project Under Bangladesh Power System Expansion And Efficiency Improvement Investment Program. Dr. Romeo​
Consultancy Service For The Project : Pre Feasibility Study on Land Neutral PV Power Plants.​Dr. Romeo