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Current Research Projects

​Current Res​ea​rch ​

Research Topics​​

Lead Researcher​

Brunei Darussalam Energy Consumption Survey (BDECS) for Household​.
Majid Sapar

​Electricity Tariff Review and Survey Project.

Majid Sapar
​Review of Minimum Energy Performance Standard (MEPS) and Energy Labeling for Refrigerator.Majid Sapar​
​Review of Energy Audit Policy, Standard and Methodology.​Majid Sapar

ERIA Research Project :  Development of Eco Town Model in ASEAN Region through Adoption of Energy Efficient Building Technologies, Smart Grid and Transportation .

Majid Sapar​
​Measurement of Distribution System Indices.​Dr. Arvind
​New Technology Options For Improving Generating Efficiency Bruneian Power System.​Dr. Arvind
​Voluntary Renewable Energy Certificate Policy.​Dr. Romeo
Technical Studies on Energy Storage Particularly On The Commercialization of 1.2 MW TSB Solar Power Plant.​​​​Dr. Romeo​
Road Transport Fuel Demand Analysis and Forecasting.
Dr. Romeo
​RAPG Workstream : Hydropower Mapping Analysis and Wind and Solar Analysis.​Dr. Romeo​
ASEAN-RESP : Levelised Cost Of Electricity Of Atleast 2 Renewable Technology In The ASEAN Member States.​Dr. Romeo
Financing Solar PV Projects : Energy Production Risk Reduction and Debt Capacity Improvement.​Dr. Romeo
Consulting Service For ​The Preparation Of Tranche 3 Project Under Bangladesh Power System Expansion And Efficiency Improvement Investment Program. Dr. Romeo​
Consultancy Service For The Project : Pre Feasibility Study on Land Neutral PV Power Plants.​Dr. Romeo
ERIA Research Project, “Achieving Integrated, Trans-Boundary Energy And Electricity Markets In South-East Asia: Overcoming The Economic, Technical, Institutional And Geo-Political Barriers To Regional Energy Integration”,  Joint Project Lead By Australian National University, And Three Clusters, BNERI, Institute Of Energy Economics, Japan (IEEJ), And Energy Research Institute, Nanyang Technical University, Singapore.​​

​​Dr. Arvind