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1st National Youth Energy Multimedia Competition
  • 1st National Youth Energy Video CompetitionOpen or Close

    Theme: Conserve Energy: Our Future, Our Choice  


    ​Registration closed!!

    This is a nationwide competition to raise awareness of energy efficiency through youth's initiatives. A bottom-up approach and new media and communication channels will be employed to create actions among the citizens. The event will follow with the Energy Dialogue between the Youth/Participants and the Energy Minister. 

    The organizers are pleased to invite entries for the subject above. Participants will need to create a short video clip (not more than 2 minutes) based on the theme of delivering meaningful messages in reducing energy consumption and to improve its efficiency usage.

    Attractive cash prizes to win:

    Grand prize: BN$3,000

    2nd prize: BN$2,000

    3rd prize: BN$1,0​00

    x6 Consolation prizes: BN$200

    The prize award ceremony, in conjunction with Energy Dialogue between the participants and the Minister of Energy, will be held during the Energy Week.

  • Rules & RegulationsOpen or Close


    The competition is open to youth at ages of 15-26 (as of 11th February 2014). At least one member of the team should be Bruneian citizen or permanent resident who resides in Brunei. 

    Judging Criteria

    The entries will be assessed by a weighted score considering popularity, attractiveness, creativity, originality and etc. Details of the assessment methods will be decided by the judging committee later.

    The short video clip (not more than 2 minutes) based on the theme “Conserve Energy: Our Future, Our Choice”, must deliver meaningful messages in reducing energy consumption and to improve its efficiency usage.

    The final result will be announced at least one week before the Energy Week. All the short listed clips may be shown in the Energy Week. The top three winners will have posters during the Energy Week and may have the chance to present their video to His Majesty.

  • Registration & Submission Open or Close


    Participants will form in teams of not more than 5 members and register to BNERI to enter the competition by registering through the link below by 28th​ February 2014. Participants are expected to submit their entries by 10th March 2014. Registered participants will receive email notice for key updates.​​

    Online Registration Form​​ (Closed)​

    List of Registered Teams - Click Here

    ​Each team is limited to 1 video entry submission.


    Video entries must not exceed 2 minutes in length (excluding credits). Submissions that exceed the time allowed will not be considered for judging.

    Creativity and originality are cherished. Entries that are found to have committed plagiarism will be disqualified from the competition. The entries must not have been produced for compensation or submitted in any other competitions/forums.

    No copyrighted music, video, or images can be used in the video entries. The videos produced must not infringe any third party rights. If any video entry includes legally protected materials (e.g. copyrighted information, images, audio, video), permission to use these materials must be obtained and clearly stated, or stated as being in the public domain.

    Submissions must not contain violence, profanity, sex, offensive religious content or direct attacks on individuals or organisations. The submission must not contain or make direct reference to any third-party trademarks, logos, trade dress or promotion of any company brand, product or service.

    Participating teams will have to upload their video through their Facebook account or Youtube. Then, they will have to send the hyperlink of the video and a short description of the content to​

    All submissions must be received via email by 10th March 2014, 11 59 hrs.​

  • FAQOpen or Close

    Does it cost anything to enter this competition?

    No, it is free to enter this competition. However, you have to register prior to the submission of your video and the closing date for registration is 22nd February 2014.


    How many team members are needed in a team?

    You may have up to five individuals in a team. Within the team, there must be one yellow or purple IC holder.


    May I join if I am the only one in the team?

    Yes, you may.


    Where can I find inspiration for this competition?

    You may visit to view similar videos entries.


    How do I send my completed video to the organiser?

    Once the video is ready, you will post the video on your personal Youtube account and send the link to the


    When is the closing date for the competition?

    The closing date for the submission of video is tetatively on 10th March 2014.


    How will the winners of the competition be contacted?

    The result of the competition will be announced during the Energy Week. Shortlisted teams will be invited to the announcement ceremony and the results will be announced during that occasion. ​

    Is it necessary for the actors in the film to be group members?


    Can I use any musics from youtube or free download sources?​

    Yes, you can provided you give credits to them at the end of your video.​

    I am currently studying Oversea but I am Bruneian. Can I still join?


    What language medium can I use for the Video?

    English or Malay language.

    Some members are currently oversea and are not Bruneian. Can they still join?

    Yes, they can but please ensure at least one member of the team must Bruneian or PR who resides in Brunei.

    Is there any age limit for the actors in my video?

    No, everyone can be the actors in the video regardless of age.​​

    ​ ​

    If you have any further question, send it to