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Comparative study on energy efficiency ratings and labelling for air - conditioners: proposal for Brunei, July 2015


Rating the performance of air conditioners is an established tool in Singapore, Malaysia and Australia. Although the rating policies and best practices are different in terms of approach, administration, support and structure, the goal of promoting energy efficiency and conservation is the same for the countries. This paper provides the comparative analysis between air conditioner energy rating systems in Singapore, Malaysia and Australia. Singapore’s National Environment Agency (NEA) has an established rating andlabelling scheme for appliances, including air conditioners, while the Suruhanjaya Tenaga (Energy Commission) in Malaysia as well as Australia’s Energy Rating also have their respective schemes.

These three countries were chosen for this comparative study as they represent especially Singapore and Malaysia in term of the economy and trend in energy consumption and profile which are quite similar to Brunei. Australia meanwhile is chosen for international perspective.

This paper discusses the development and best practices of the schemes in each country and explores recommendations for Brunei in terms of its rating for air conditioners’ performances and design of the energy rating label. ​

Comparative Study on Energy Efficiency Ratings and Labelling for Air-conditioners Proposal for Brunei(R).pdf