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Off-Grid solar pv Lighting project system sizing and yield analysis : Rumah Panjang Biadong Ulu, February 2015


Brunei Methanol Company (BMC) is proposing to sponsor a solar street lighting with LED technologies in the interior part of Belait District as part of the company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) to help improve the well-being of the local communities. The targeted village would either be Kampong Melilas or Kampong Biadong as recommended by EDPMO and Belait District Office. These villages will not be connected to the national electricity grid due to its remote location. At present, these villages are using diesel generators to meet their electricity needs. Diesel fuel needs to be supplied from Belait District and often due to transportation constraints diesel fuel supply does not come on regular basis.

BMC is proposing to install a solar street lighting with LED technologies in these villages. This initiative forms part of the rural electrification program of the Sultanate.

The Deputy Managing Director of BMC together with the Belait District Officer as well representatives from EDPMO and BNERI visited Kampong Biadong last August 24, 2014 to have the first impression and conduct a technical evaluation for the viability of the installation of solar street lighting with LED technologies in the area.

Kampong Biadong is an isolated village/longhouse with around 20 inhabitants. The local community is mainly dependent of farming as the main source of income.

This study presents the initial assessment of the technical feasibility of installing solar PV street lighting as well as providing electricity supply for the village/long house using solar PV home system. 

Biadong Ulu Streetlighting Project.pdf