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BNERI on Building Performance and Green Building Assessment & Rating Tool


Driven by the concerns about environment degradation and national energy security, many countries have developed or in the process of developing comprehensive national plan to enhance and optimize building energy performance and reduces unwanted wastage.

These national plans are being supported by regulations, fiscal initiatives, market-based mechanisms and voluntary initiatives. Examples include building codes, energy audit requirements, funding schemes, tax exemptions, and energy labelling for appliances.

At the same time, building performance or green building rating tools are being developed and tailored to address the unique physical and socio-economic characteristics of each country to help to mitigate those concerns. A number of c​ountries have well- established rating systems including USA (LEED), Australia (Green Star), Malaysia (GBI), Hong Kong (HK BEAM) and Singapore (Green Mark). 

The lecture was officiated by Majid Haji Sapar, the Senior Researcher for Energy Efficiency & Conservation at BNERI. ​The lecture was held ​at Lecture Room 1, Integrated Science Building, University of Brunei Darussalam on 21st November 2015.​ 

Majid Haji Sapar has shared his experience in Singapore with examples of actual completed project on how such tool (Green Mark) have helped project teams to achieve the project objectives and aspiration. He also touch on the legal requirements, assessment process including requirement to monitor and optimize the energy performance of the building throughout its life cycle.